Why us

Above all, we recognize that supporting people is as important as supporting technology. We believe passionately in the importance of quality people, delivering a human-to-human service. We assign dedicated technical accounts to each client, in order to build not only a support / communication link, but a real inter-personal relation.

RODAX Management commits itself on providing:

  • Expertise & Professionalism
  • Fast response times
  • Specialized personnel
  • Commitment
  • Complete solution
  • Value for money

Our CRM system puts critical client information at the fingertips of every engineer answering a call or dealing with a client problem. We have systems in place that ensure that the right engineer is allocated to the task in question.

New customers ask us to talk about differentiators. At RODAX Management, we think that only a natural, normal approach can make the difference. So, this is what we talk about: