RODAX Management considers that professionalism and performance can be achieved by continuously investing effort and resources.

We have constantly invested, year-by-year in our infrastructure, reaching a robust status of:

  • +250 sqm, 3 level headquarters + warehouse
  • 19 vehicle fleet (12 intervention vans + 7 support vehicles)
  • 4 mobile internet access / hot spot vehicles with country-wide coverage
  • 30 national affiliates network
  • 5 data communication operational nodes
  • 2 shared data-centers

We are certified on:

Management Systems Software Hardware
ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Microsoft® Platforms Intel® Technologies
ITIL® VMware® Platforms Panasonic®
COBIT® Quest Software® Security Systems design & implementation
TÜV Project Management Linux & open source platforms Distributed Processing Architectures

We are qualified partners of:

Hardware Software Business Solutions
Dell® Microsoft® Vodafone®
Intel® GFI® Kepler Management Systems
Cisco® Bitdefender® Prime Telecom
Epson® Grenke