2019:  We designed, built and put into operation the first Co-Working office space in the HotSpot / The Mark project, which we equipped with equipment and solutions integrated in the HAAS regime.
2018:  We designed, developed, integrated, installed, configured and put into operation the complex systems that constitute the virtual multimedia gallery "The Time Tunnel" from Bran Castle.
We participated in the European project "Children's Voices for a New Human Space" and we developed the software platform related to this project, www.cvs-project.eu , as well as the applications dedicated to the participating schools.
RODAX Management obtained the certification for integrated systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.
2017:  We have designed and built autonomous systems based on energy-independent pillars, equipped with equipment for remote collection and transmission of video and environmental information and the provision of the first systems in the lower Danube area.
We have implemented and installed in operation the first complex systems offered to customers in the form of rental (Hardware As A Service) with their own financing services.
We have reached the threshold of 1,000,000 euros turnover.
2016:  Rodax Management obtained the air operator certification from the Romanian Aeronautical Authority and made the first 4K aerial filming with its own drones for clients in the corporate area.
2015:  The first live broadcasts of some major sporting events took place for the Romanian Athletics Federation. We have invested in complex systems based on remotely operated robotic cameras, which allow transmission with a large number of remotely controlled cameras, with the use of minimal human resources.
We broadcast live the George Enescu Festival on screens arranged in Bucharest during the whole event.
We worked on the smooth running of over 100 events (conferences and shows) in 7 consecutive weeks held at the national level within a European project.
2014:  We made the first live, moving transmission of the marathon organized by DHL on the Predeal-Rasnov-Poiana Brasov route, in a mountainous area, without 3G coverage but with the help of a transmission system designed and made internally.
We participated in the launch of Telekom Romania, where a simultaneous live audio-video transmission took place between the cities of Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi and Berlin. This transmission was characterized by a minimum latency, making possible a synchronized karaoke between the public from the 4 cities.
RODAX Management made and operated a Video-Bar for the Astra Sibiu Film Festival (the collaboration continues to this day).
In 2014, we got involved in the European project "Gifted for You" and created the software platform – www.giftedforyou.eu/ro.
2004:  The company Rodax Management SRL is founded in Bucharest. This period began with the signing of the first technical support contracts. At the same time, the year 2004 meant the design of the first server ensambles configured by Rodax.
2013:  The year 2013 was marked by the design and realization of a live transmission system via the Internet on the move and the first live-stream transmission on the move on the occasion of the launch of the movie trailer "Ultimul Zburator".
We designed, developed and operated the interactive music system "Our first symphony together" for the Ferrero campaign at the Radio Hall, 2013 season.
2012:  We created the first live streaming platform for corporate events with real-time feedback in text format.
2011:  The extension of the network of subcontractors at national level and reaching the number of 41 presence points (in all county residences) to ensure the contractual IT support dedicated to the clients at the country level were achievements of 2011.
2010:  This year, our team conceived, designed and implemented an integrated traffic command-control system for logistics centers, on the Pepsi / Star Foods platform.
2009:  RODAX Management worked on an advertising campaign, based on the first video projection inside a hot air balloon raised over 50 meters, in the University Square in Bucharest.
2008:  In the port area of Constanta, we developed a complex system for monitoring investment objectives, equipped with 2 types of video optics, remotely controllable and permanently connected to the Internet.
2007:  This year we launched the first software products dedicated to the business field for our own clients and we completed a series of networking and structured cabling works inside large multinationals.
2006:  RODAX completed the implementation of the quality management system, obtaining the ISO 9001 certification through SRAC / IQNet.
2005:  Obtaining the status of authorized provider of hardware and software services for Microsoft, the technical partnership with Vodafone, developing an information security policy strategy or launching the first version of the internal CRM / ERP platform named Bizmart are just some of the achievements that marked 2005.