Way & endeavors

RODAX Management's journey began in September 2004, enabled by professionals involved in the industry for many years before.

"There are few things to be invented but countless things to be discovered."

RODAX Management was born from a desire to help people and provide the services we ourselves would like to receive. RODAX Management's philosophy is about helping companies succeed.

Since its inception in 2004, RODAX Management growth was stable and sustainable. We built our internal processes bearing in mind common sense, simplicity and reliability as pillars for activity & process management. We’ve been certified on ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems in 2006.

Although we have had our share of difficult situations - external, or driven by our own mistakes - strong characters emerge form difficult situations, and, through perseverence and commitment, we found our own way, overcoming all odds. RODAX Management has continued to evolve through organic growth and through new, subsequently introduced services and products. RODAX Management currently employs over 25 staff, and supports thousands of people across the country.

As you'd expect, we recruit highly-qualified engineers and support staff. However, what really sets our people apart is that they also posses strong interpersonal skills. Having attracted talented people, we continue to motivate and develop them through individualized training plans. This ensures that RODAX Management remains at the cutting edge of technological and market developments.