Complex Solutions

Time Tunnel from Bran Castle

Bran Castle (German: "Törzburg") is a historical symbol located in the Rucar-Bran Pass, about 30 kilometers from the city of Brasov. Over time, the settlement has served as a residence for many leaders of the Romanian people.

The "Time Tunnel" project is financed by the Bran Domain Management Company, the beneficiary of the investment carried out between 2014 and 2018.

Our company developed, designed and implemented the system that serves the interactive exhibition complex called "Time Tunnel" from Bran Castle in Brasov County. This ensemble, conceived and installed in the mountain on which the castle is built, constitutes an interactive multimedia gallery, being a unique concept in Romania. The system provides the spectators with a unique sensory experience, being composed of a vertical route with the help of a lift specially developed for this purpose and through the horizontal gallery that continues in the existing tunnel from the descent from the elevator to the exit.

The design, realization and implementation of the solutions necessary to complete the project is 100% Romanian and is the result of the integration of innovative high-tech ideas. Thus, the system benefits from a wide range of professional equipment, from complex servers and computer systems, to sensor arrays, automation systems, electric drive systems, electronic command-control systems, platforms, applications and software solutions as well as a wide range of multimedia content and graphic design (animations, modeling and 3D simulations).

The computerized infrastructure is composed of a number of 60 servers and control systems, over 20 kilometers of cable routes and more than 150 sensors in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This system is designed, developed and configured in Romania by RODAX Management.

The elevator is developed and built especially for this project, being the result of the collaboration between ELMAS Brasov and RODAX Management. This ensemble was awarded in January 2019 with the 1st Prize of the Elevator World 2019 competition, held in the United States of America, in the "Special Elevators" category.

The screens and interactive video projection systems, the 5 independent audio systems, intelligent lighting systems as well as the equipment dedicated to special effects (smoke machines, fog, light effects) are controlled by a complex system of position sensors, presence and facial expression detection. Thus, visitors have a unique experience in Romania.

RODAX Management is the guarantor of the operation of these innovative technical elements, ensuring the operation, command, control and monitoring of the systems, automatically through over 120 programs and dedicated software applications, specifically designed for this project. The "Time Tunnel" benefits from permanent monitoring 24/24, 7/7, being operated in an automatic system, under the supervision of a team of system engineers, thus following the reliability and safety in operation.

The Bran project enjoys a wide range of multimedia content, being a unique concept developed by a complex team of architects, graphic designers, animators, video editors and programmers from Romania (Golem Studio, ARCSETT, Stage Expert, Rodax Management). The soundtrack that runs on the background of the experience inside the tunnel is made by composers and sound editors, being a tribute to the history, culture and region of the castle located in the Bran area.